Life Beyond COVID-19


This week has brought the arrival of the first Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

Life beyond COVID-19, now feels like a possibility.


There is a sense of hopefulness as we come towards the end of 2020.

We enter 2021 with newfound feelings of hope and gentle optimism

Healing, recovery and growth. 


Here are some ideas to help you to focus on rebuilding your emotional and physical strength.



Your Health and Abilities


High risk or shielding has meant that many people with health concerns, have been unable to access outside in 2020.
Access to health and social care services has been restrictive, with prioritisation systems in place to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
All non-essential support groups had been been stopped. This may have reduced the level of support that you could receive.
Reliance on formal carers may have limited what you were able to do.
Increased fatigue impact on your energy to participate in everyday tasks.
What would you like to be able to do again? Who can help you with this?
Could a friend or voluntary organisation provide you with the help you need?



Emotional Resilience

Shielding and lockdown has had a significant impact on our social confidence.
Many people living alone have struggled with feelings of loneliness and boredom. No longer being able to do the things that they previously enjoyed, such as meeting friends, social groups and participating in holidays.
Impacted on feelings self-esteem, impacting on self-identity and self-worth.
Many people have experienced low mood and feelings of anxiety, sometimes triggered by past experiences.
Is there someone you could talk to about your feelings?
Trauma experienced during this time, may have been worsened by reduced social contact and physical contact that would ordinarily provide comfort.
Physical contact can be powerfully healing, many people have missed warm hugs from their loved ones. Being in close physical proximity and having a chat over a cup of tea.
Human beings are social creatures, socialising with others can help us to share stories and talking about our feelings. Talking to someone in a safe space, without judgement with a person we trust can help.
What do you enjoy doing? Are there meaningful activities that bring you joy?
What is your motivation? What makes you feel good?



Physical Resilience



Your physical abilities may have restricted your ability to access the outdoors or due to your health.
Impacting on your strength, coordination and muscle mass.
The benefits of exercise are vast, including:
  • Improving your fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Increase confidence
Most exercises can be adapted to suit your health and abilities.
Exercise-focus groups and leisure facilities can help.
An accredited trainer can help to increase motivation and feel good.
Rebuilding your physical strength and ability can contribute towards falls prevention.



Considering a Future

An awareness limiting beliefs can be empowering. Understanding the areas that would like to develop can help you to grow.
Life after COVID-19 can be possible with the correct professionals and support services to guide you.
Setting reablement goals can be a great first step to help you to understand where you would like to start. What is that first step that you can take?




If you would like further advice or support with creating a person-centred reablement programme for you or your loved one.

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Written by Sophia Dickinson, Occupational Therapist Leicestershire



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