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What is available to support those living with dementia or memory problems in Sapcote, Leicestershire?

What is available in the community to support family members?



Katie Grigg, Founder of the Sapcote Memory Support Hub welcomed my visit to The Sapcote Memory Café to learn about what the new and exciting memory café that has recently opened.
It is proving to be a huge success with members of the local community.
Lovely modern facilities with ample parking and an easily accessible disabled toilet.
The New Sapcote Scout Centre on Ivy House Close, Sapcote LE9 4NH, is the perfect location to bring the community together.
I felt hugely welcomed and even got a kiss from Lily!




What does Sapcote Dementia Support Hub offer?

Sapcote Dementia Support Hub is a not-for-profit organisation for people with mild to moderate dementia, or memory problems.
  • Providing cognitive stimulation therapy, activities & social interaction.
  • Offering advice and support to the families of their group members.
  • Memory café once a month (the last Tuesday of the month), offering a warm, welcoming, friendly atmosphere with homemade cakes
  • Group sessions take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Community Focus

Memory Cafe

Supporting people isolated/lonely, finding a safe, friendly place to go to.
Sapcote Memory Cafe offers people living with dementia or memory problems, and their carers a safe, relaxed place to enjoy a friendly get together, chats, tea and cake. Questions can be asked and advice can be shared in an informative way.
It is a lovely way to bring people together. Having local support can really boost confidence, self-esteem and well-being. Sapcote Memory Cafe offers a heartfelt sense of belonging, kindness, compassion, without judgement.
  • Stalls with handmade crafts
  • Pets welcome
  • Children welcome


Sapcote Dementia Support Group

Interactive group with Cognitive Skills Therapy (CST) focus. Group CST treatment involves 14 or more sessions of themed activities, which typically run twice weekly.
Sessions aim to actively stimulate and engage people with dementia or memory problems, whilst providing an optimal learning environment and the social benefits of a group.
The effects of CST appear to be of a comparable size to those reported with the currently available pharmacological treatments for dementia.
There are day trips to the local pub, local attractions including garden centres and pet/bird centres.
The group has access to it’s very own allotment, allowing access to therapeutic gardening activities.


What are the Therapeutic Benefits from an Occupational Therapy perspective?

  • Maintaining social interactions
  • Stimulating cognitive functioning
  • Receiving regular interaction with others is hugely important as this can help with confidence, self-esteem and well-being.
  • Attending the Memory café and talking to like-minded people appears to trigger social, emotional and cognitive stimulation.
  • It provides an informative and friendly space to answer any questions, which is especially useful in the early stages of diagnosis, or for those with memory problems without a formal diagnosis.


Contact Sapcote Memory Support Hub


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07983 803896

If you’d like further information about how an Occupational Therapist can help to support individuals living with dementia and caregivers, please telephone on 07341265564
or email on info@homeindependenceot.co.uk or complete the contact form here.
Sophia, Occupational Therapist, based in Leicestershire



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