Greener Occupational Therapy Environmental Sustainability

Here at Home Independence Occupational Therapy Ltd, we care about our clients and the health of the community we serve.

While the services we provide improve health and well-being, it’s becoming increasing clear that it’s very easy to have a negative environmental impact as we run our business.

We are therefore actively looking at how to minimise our environmental impact, so that improving the health and well-being of our clients does not impact the health and well-being of people elsewhere in the world today,

and the health and well-being future generations in our community.


Some changes have been easy to implement, using the five Rs of sustainability.

Please read on to learn more.




  • We will avoid taking ‘conference freebies,’ which are often made from plastics, under used and discarded after a short time
  • Avoid single use items, for example by carrying refillable water bottles and coffee mugs
  • We are opting out of mailing lists to avoid receiving ‘junk mail’ that is quickly disposed of







  • We have recently improved the insulation and draft proofing of our office and have installed low energy lighting, to reduce our heating and electricity use
  • We have switched to a green energy supplier, to reduce our energy associated carbon emissions.
  • We are using environmentally friendly, refillable cleaning and personal hygiene products with packaging return schemes
  • We are using a green, ethical bank for our business finances, so that our money is not used in ways that harm our environment and global community
  • Electronic communications are utilised as much as possible to reduce paper use
  • Meetings and networking events will be conducted online as much as possible, to minimise travel associated carbon emissions and pollution



  • Where it is safe to do so, we will be purchasing reusable PPE in future
  • We will reuse office items as much as possible before replacing them
  • As office equipment reaches its end of life, pre-loved devices will be prioritised before buying new equipment
  • We will use refillable ink cartridges when printing materials






  • No more post it notes, we use scrap paper!




  • We make maximum use of our local authority recycling system
  • We will make use of local Terracycle drop off points, to recycle items not collected by our local authority (such as used stationary), to truly minimise our waste.
  • Future stationary purchases will use recycled products as much as possible


Additionally, we will continue improving practice by pledging to

  • Procure an electric vehicle for business related travel in the next five years
  • Replace our gas boiler for heating and hot water with a renewable system in five to ten years
  • Review the environmental impact of the organisations we buy services from at least annually, to ensure we are not indirectly contributing to unsustainable practices
  • Audit our carbon footprint each year with a view to understand where we can improve our sustainability further, and how we can offset what we cannot reduce.

Everyone has a role in protecting our environment.

How will you join us to make the world a better place?


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