Falls Prevention

  • Although the causes of falls can be complex, they can often be prevented.

  • The most common causes behind falls are discussed, methods to reduce the risk of further falls are discussed.

  • Strong focus on praise and encouragement to help to improve your loved ones confidence if they have experienced a fall.



Chair-Based Exercises: Coming Soon!

  • Increase strength and boost fitness
  • Improve confidence and self-esteem
  • Integrated with falls prevention
  • Take place at your home, individual one-to-one
  •  Also available for groups at residential care homes
  • Including infection protection (COVID-19)
  • Accredited trainer

Increase Strength. Boost Fitness.   

Improve Confidence 

Have Fun & Feel Great!



Equipment can help


  • Choosing the right equipment can be daunting; there are a wealth of equipment, daily living aids and assistive technology items available.
  • The most suitable items are identified for your loved ones
  • Helping them to be as independent as possible with everyday activities.
  • A wealth of knowledge and bespoke advice is offered and an equipment demonstration is offered.




Home Adaptations

  • Most homes are not designed with disabled access in mind.
  • Expert advice relating to adaptations is offered to enable accessibility around the home and garden.
  • Joint visits with carefully selected companies are offered to find the best product and adaptation for you.
  • Including level access shower rooms/wetrooms.




Advice to adapt your home

Listening without judgement

Anxiety/Stress Management & Support

  • Having someone available to listen to your experiences of anxiety/stress
  • Together with a one-to-one discussion relating to the the nature of anxiety can help you to recognise the signs and symptoms of anxiety.
  • Coping strategies are explored, helping you to living your life with ease, starting with gentle kindness towards yourself.
  • You can receive a person-centred anxiety management and coping strategies report to help you.