Workplace/Vocational Assessment

How can an Occupational Therapist help?


By completing assessment in ‘real-time’. Observing how tasks are carried out on a day-to-day basis.


Occupational/workplace support can help employers to support employees with complex health needs.


The following services are available:


  • Health and work assessment
  • Ergonomics risk assessment
  • Display screen equipment
  • Wheelchair accessibility.
  • Site visits



What is the difference between occupational health and Occupational Therapy?


Occupational Health
Takes a preventive approach in an attempt to avoid potential work-related hazards.
Occupational Therapy
Seeks to promote an individuals’ ability to complete everyday tasks which they may be struggling with, due to physical or mental health difficulties.


Occupational Therapists can use therapeutic activities, equipment, aids and adaptations to assist recovery.




“Sophia has supported our client-organizations’ employees on more than one occasion.

She is an extremely knowledgeable occupational therapist, her reports are of superior standard and she is extremely professional and personable.

We have the utmost confidence in her work and we would highly recommend her services.”

Dr. Tarek Aly, Clinical Director, Prospérité Occupational Health