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What does Home Independence Occupational Therapy offer?
  • Home visits complying with Coronavirus COVID-19 requirements.
  • Providing a heartfelt service, tailor made to your loved ones individual circumstances, finding effective solutions.
  • Improving the quality of life with dignity together with you and your loved one.
  • Reducing risks, increasing safety and promoting independence.
  • Helping your loved one to access their bed, toilet, washing facilities.
  • Understanding the importance of completing everyday activities, such as personal care tasks.
  • The feelings of family members, loved ones and carers matter. Support is offered to family members and carers to help you to cope with the changes taking place.

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Person centred initial assessment with a step-by-step action plan

  • A person-centred assessment helps to gather information your loved ones abilities, health and  about the current situation, including health condition(s), disability and abilities.
  • Accessing a chair, bed, toilet, and bath and/or shower will be included. The individual’s ability to complete everyday activities such as personal hygiene, food and drink preparation will be discussed and included.
  • The individual’s environment will be assessed with further discussion regarding participation in social and leisure activities.
  • A step-by-step action plan will be produced, highlighting areas for development and the actions required to reduce risks and/or increase independence.

Supporting hospital discharge

  • Is you loved one returning home from hospital?
  • Have they had medical intervention which has left them feeling tired and fatigued?
  • Do they seem to have lost their confidence?
  • You can have an assessment of your loved ones needs,
  • A personalised reablement program
  • One-to-one person-centred interventions to regain their abilities and promote their independence at home.

Supporting hospital discharge

Personalised reablement program

  • Goals are set with your loved ones through a reablement program with clear, structured actions aimed at empowering your loved ones to develop their strength and ability.
  • An exercise program can be created as a reablement goal.
  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) can help your loved one to maintain their skills and independence, particularly during the early to moderate stages of dementia.
  • Meaningful focused activities can promote cognition and memory function.
  • Achieving reablement goals can enhance a sense of achievement and renewed sense of self identity and sense of self-worth.

Setting goals together with you

Falls prevention advice

  • Although the causes of falls can be complex, they can often be prevented.
  • The most common causes behind falls are discussed, methods to reduce the risk of further falls are discussed.
  • Strong focus on praise and encouragement to help to improve your loved ones confidence if they have experienced a fall.

Reducing the risk of falls

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

  • Support individuals with memory difficulties or living with dementia
  • Encourage cognitive skills through activities and discussion
  • Increase quality of life and enhancing well-being
  • Increase feelings of self-esteem, self identity, and self-worth
  • Each session lasts for 1-hour, recommended twice per week
  • 14 sessions recommended with additional maintenance sessions available

Participating in fun activities

Anxiety/Stress management & support

  • Having someone available to listen to your experiences of anxiety/stress
  • Together with a one-to-one discussion relating to the the nature of anxiety can help you to recognise the signs and symptoms of anxiety.
  • Coping strategies are explored, helping you to living your life with ease, starting with gentle kindness towards yourself.

Listening without judgement


  • Choosing the right equipment can be daunting; there are a wealth of equipment, daily living aids and assistive technology items available.
  • The most suitable items are identified for your loved ones
  • Helping them to be as independent as possible with everyday activities.
  • A wealth of knowledge and bespoke advice is offered and an equipment demonstration is offered.

Equipment can help with accessing facilities

Disability Adaptations

  • Most homes are not designed with disabled access in mind.
  • Expert advice relating to adaptations is offered to enable accessibility around the home and garden.
  • Joint visits with carefully selected companies are offered to find the best product and adaptation for you.
  • Including level access shower rooms/wetrooms.

Creating level access shower facilities for you

Manual handling/Moving and handling

  • Effective manual handling is essential to protect ourselves and our loved ones from harm.
  • How do you lift your loved one or move them without causing injury or harm?
  • A detailed risk assessment and report advising on the best equipment and technique required to reducing risks with manual handling.
  • A demonstration of the best techniques to use with equipment can be offered.

Manual handling advice

Fatigue management

  • Engaging in meaningful activities can be hindered by fatigue.
  • An assessment of your loved ones abilities with practical guidance
  • Relating to lifestyle changes can maximise your loved ones’ quality of life

Helping you to manage fatigue

Moving house

  • House moves can be a daunting experience for all, more so for those with a disability or health condition.
  • It is vital to ensure that the property being considered is suitable.
  • Specialist support can help to achieve an easy transition, particularly when considering wheelchair accessibility.
  • A detailed report is provided to guide you and your loved ones with their property choice.
  • Personalised support can be provided through accompanied property viewings.

Downsizing properties

Health and work assessment reports

  • Are you looking to return to work?
  • Does your employer require a fit note?
  • You can have a personalised health and work assessment report with an accompanying fit note to support you.


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