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“As an 85 year old with medical  and mobility problems (fortunately not life-threatening), I felt that I needed some advice to reduce my day-to-day problems.  In frustration at the long delay for assistance from the NHS I looked online for some occupational therapy help and found Home Independence Occupational Therapy, run by Sophia Dickinson.

Having asked some relevant questions Sophia came to my home within 2 days and stayed for 3 hours to make a thorough review of my activity and mobility problems. She made a few suggestions for immediate improvements, and followed this up within a few days by a detailed written report and assessment.  This included a recommended home adaptation fitter who quickly made an initial visit to assess and agree on the improvements required, which were fitted without fuss and for a reasonable cost within a week. Sophia has also put me in contact with a physiotherapist with sympathy for age related problems.

All this for what I regarded as a reasonable fee for her professional services!

I am delighted to recommend her to others with similar problems.”

Jeff R, Bushby, Leicestershire, East Midlands

Flowers and chocolates received Thank you!

“I contacted Sophia Dickinson at Home Independence Occupational Therapy because we needed advice in readiness for my Mum who was being discharged from hospital with her dominant hand numb and painful. Huge thanks to Sophia at Home Independence Occupational Therapy for her wonderful caring attitude and expert advice, Sophia has helped to empower us to support and aid Mum in her recuperation. We can’t thank her enough.”

Christine Fowler, Leicestershire, East Midlands

“For the first time I felt that someone was actually listening and tailoring their support to my Mum.  Home Independence OT offered a bespoke package which was positive thinking and problem-solving.  They consistently and holistically risk assessed solutions based on supporting Mum’s physical, emotional and mental well-being.  They looked beyond the broken leg and worked to optimise Mum’s recovery as well as improving her quality of life of living with osteoporosis and poor mobility.”  

                             Claire Lea, Leicestershire, East Midlands

I was introduced to Sophia through a valued and trusted business connection. We instantly got on extremely well and it was clear we had the same values both personally and professionally. My business is to support my clients to continue to live a quality of life whilst receiving live in care in the comfort of their own homes. It was clear to me that Sophia was so personable, approachable and very knowledgeable in her field that she could really help me to support my clients when it comes to their mobility and safety. Not only this she can help our clients and their families make sure their house meets their needs and support them if they want to make any adaptations to allow them to stay in their homes for as long as possible. I swiftly recommended Sophia to a new client who’s mobility had quickly declined and a community Occupational Therapist was not going to be able to come for some time. Sophia couldn’t have done more to help and is now supporting our clients son to look at a possible new wet room to allow our client to stay at home for as long as she wants to. Thank you Sophia for being so approachable, professional and a real expert in your field. I look forward to working with you more in the near future.

Amelia Benskin, Director and Registered Manager at Quality Life UK, Loughborough, Leicestershire, East Midlands

Fantastic to have met Sophia, her energy and drive shine through in her personality and it’s infectious to be around. She makes time for anyone showing a friendliness, gratitude and respect to all. 

Adam Payne, Managing Director, The Business Growth Academy, Leicestershire. East Midlands